Lasting beautiful, bright Rolex create Tales of Eternia

Published: Wednesday 23 September, 2015

heavy Rolex Oyster Perpetual launched the latest women's Datejust ROLESOR watch design unique and full of youthful femininity, watch very sophisticated technology, its color and material it is the perfect crystal, exudes elegant and refined temperament This is the latest ladies Oyster Perpetual Datejust ROLESOR gold, steel or platinum steel style. Watch in accordance with the classical tradition redesigned magnificent jewel studded flashing, brightly charm without fear the test of time, long-lasting beautiful, shining moment to create a timeless legend.

The latest Oyster Perpetual Datejust ladies unique gold crystal dial, ingenious interpretation of women's Enchanting, the focus is entirely watch. Dial material with a unique way to release natural crystal gold charm inside. When the dial and light met, this material will be distinguished magic charm, like a brilliant light exudes fantastic, eye-catching bright, develop their watch magnificent temperament. Series including a model to commemorate Rolex type dark pattern as embellishment, presented on the dial, it is infinite thoughts, the watch charm to the extreme.

Each Jinjing dial are intricate, and wearing ladies embraced each other to become art.

In the ladies Oyster Perpetual Datejust original shine and distribute elegant dial, studded with 10 brilliant diamonds, and studded with 46 precious diamond outer ring flash embraced each other, showing the noble, elegant temperament, a new interpretation gorgeous and moving, so that each wearer everyone focused.

gorgeous, gorgeous, picturesque process, confined to the latest Oyster Perpetual Datejust ladies who, as if the sky fell goddess, perfect. Oyster watch connotation with all the same excellent, with constant pendulum thallium bidirectional self-winding and waterproof systems; and excellence both wearing this magnificent watch, can now enjoy the bright and embrace the eternal light.

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