2015 Luxury Ladies wrist watch walk between Art

Published: Monday 28 September, 2015

For the grace and elegance of modern women, the watch is not just for reading the concept of time, but have been given or minimalist or ornate artistic profile shape and additional functionality. Women walk in the wrist, which reveals the romantic atmosphere is more like a living work of art.  

For the female mind, Jaeger-LeCoultre designers, watchmakers and engineers thorough grasp all, they understand a single strap is difficult to meet a variety of favorite female customers and requirements, so specifically for temperament elegant ladies wrist Reverso Squadra table is equipped with a new strap and quick-change system ── no need any tools, you can make the watch in an instant transformed, an endless stream of fascinating expose different flavor. Ms. Day After removing and replacing gorgeous evening dress, can replace conventional rubber band for the watch chain, and put on a desirable color, sewing sophisticated high leather strap. For the lucky owner Reverso Squadra Ladies Watch, a ready replacement for its constantly changing dress strap provides a varied mix. Fashion and luxury coexist colored strap, with diamond rose gold case for the material, for the wearer bring joy gorgeous visual and tactile satisfaction. Variety changing color, at the same time create fashionable women of today, carrying its different aspects of beauty.  

the Advanced tab and fine jewelry melting furnace, it is a well-built dream Chopin. Xtravaganza watch with unique elegance and joy and freedom of aesthetic design, proving once again that Chopin's creativity and technical courage as fanciful, unrestrained. This ebullient watch series now has added with matching pendants, it shows once again that in Chopin's workshop, a wide variety of watches and jewelry techniques are interrelated and inseparable.  

The best way to break the silence is staged "Metamorphosis", so as to outshine others in the roots of a large pool of concubines. Look at the shape, you know Audemars Piguet also well versed in this, he staged a beautiful "chain of dollars" in Millenary Précieuse watch: 18K pink gold chain round bezel, inlaid with 147 diamonds of high quality. A real case with two empty ring butterfly hair accessories with the same purpose, Su Jin satin skirt waist strap is not exactly the epitome of it? What a luxury beauty and feared his best.  

With the passage of time, Cindy - Crawford Constellation taken to advertising the eventual development of Omega "my choice" theme campaign: the world-famous celebrity ambassadors Omega brand image is located in the poster or print ads the next is the Omega Constellation watch images. The only text is the name of celebrity ambassadors and "my choice" words.

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