2012 Super Yacht Rolex Cup: great design party

Published: Thursday 24 September, 2015

The annual Super Yacht Rolex Cup in Porto Cervo in Sardinia held the tournament is one of the world's most famous sailing competition, but also showcase the latest yacht design and technology. More than 30 of the most stunning sailing monomer from around the world, which is referred to in the regatta world over 18.29 meters in length Maxi yacht, took place on September 2-8, 2012 tournament.

born in 1980, Super Yacht Rolex Cup is inherently Maxi class yacht show, Maxi class yacht in here in direct competition, challenging environment here is very suitable for the game. This year organizers Costa - Smetana Laerdal Yacht Club hosted the 23rd game, from 1985 onwards the tournament to become the Rolex International Regatta series of one.

Early Maxi although the use of the then top technology, but they can only rely on relatively basic material, the length is limited to 80 feet or less. Hull made of glass fiber, aluminum, and sometimes even wood. Masts and rigging metal. So early Maxi relatively bulky, speed is not fast, high load, heavy operation, low safety factor, and today sleek design constructed of carbon fibers are very different today, boat speed, relatively flexible, if the operation of skilled crew, ship the same can be like sailing boat.

With different sizes and types of boats continue to emerge, Maxi class becomes more abundant; all-out from the game Mini Maxi length of more than 165 feet into the sea Overlord Supermaxi; both from the race and cruise sailing to pure racing yacht, Maxi-level all-encompassing. The yacht is designed to reflect the way people want to continue to push the boundaries, the pursuit of speed, power and elegance desire.

Super Yacht Rolex Cup is to demonstrate different concepts and solve an excellent platform for the program, so the project was born here, not surprising that many Maxi. Pugh explained: "From the regatta to a cruise ship, there are a variety of styles of sailing there is an exciting and creative, the owner's vision to become a reality in the water, everything is exciting.." Vrolijk confirmed: "Only The game allows everyone gathered a, including crew and owners. This game should not be missed.

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